Acai Blush Amazon Superfood Discovery!

NEWS FLASH: M.D.'s #1 Superfood for Anti-Aging

That's Right: The amazing Amazon acai berry is so effective for anti-aging, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D. recommends it as the #1 superfood in the world for fighting the effects of aging! Read on…

Acai BlushAcai Blush Amazon Superfood Discovery!

  • Superb new formula created by Dr. James Chappell, a leader in advanced natural medicine
  • A scientific blend of nine of nature's top Superfoods, bursting with nutrients
  • Promotes natural energy
  • Helps normalize weight
  • Improves mental focus and sleep
  • Supports normal digestion and elimination
  • Legendary "libido food"
  • Look better, feel better, be better

The Acai Blush formula just may be the closest thing to a modern day medicinal miracle that you'll ever discover. Why? Because this doctor developed formula is the result of extensive research into specifically what key nutrients could trigger maximum health enhancing benefits, while offering protection within the human body. It combines the spectacular Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) from the South American rainforests with Vitamin D-3, the vitamin that new scientific research reveals is absolutely essential for optimum health and longevity. But this potent superfood formula doesn't end there. It also includes seven more superb health enhancing natural treasures! With this terrific combination, the Acai Blush formula offers new evidence for helping people with those mysterious nagging health problems that constantly compromise the quality of their lives. Are you one of them? Please read on, there is hope.

Acai Blush ResearchThe Acai berry. . . Hailed as "the #1 superfood" and added to "the anti-aging hall of fame" by doctors on the Oprah show!

Acai Berries:

The Acai berry comes from a 60-80 foot palm tree that grows deep in the rainforests of South America. (The berries are harvested from the tree while NOT harming it). Recently medical researchers and nutritional scientists discovered that this mighty purple berry has a treasure chest of health-enhancing benefits! Initially they found that the Acai berry contains mega amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the cell guarding compounds that protect your trillion plus cells from premature aging and destruction from the free radicals that constantly roam throughout your body. The antioxidants found in the Acai berry were proven to have 30 times more antioxidant protecting power than red grapes. Acai berries contain one of the highest antioxidant concentrations ever discovered! Researchers also found that these "body-guard" antioxidants were in one of the most highly absorbable forms known to nutritional science!

Beyond spectacular antioxidant coverage, Acai is also bursting with other health-enhancing nutrients, including cardiovascular-nourishing Omega Fatty Acids, B vitamins for stress, and vital minerals and amino acids for heart, brain, skin, and other vital body organs. Each serving of the amazing acai berry also contains 19 healthy phytonutrients, the antioxidant power of 5 servings of fruit and gram for gram, more protein than an egg. Beyond a doubt, the Acai berry is a true super-star that not only fabulously nourishes the body, but protects and helps fight the ravages of aging!

Acai Blush Help". . . OK just what has the Acai berry shown to help with?"

Plenty, just look at what this natural marvel can help influence within your body:

  • Supports weight management so you can achieve your optimal weight
  • Promotes a vibrant mind and body
  • Assists with troubling cholesterol concerns
  • Supports a strong immune system to help fight unfriendly invaders into your system and cells
  • Protects your cells from premature free radical aging and damage
  • Helps promote optimal systemic body metabolism
  • Supports mental clarity, focus, and sharpness
  • Fights joint stiffness while helping to maintain flexibility
  • Excellent for a healthy libido and overall sexual function

Vitamin D-3:

Vitamin D3 SourceEmerging scientific evidence reveals that this essential vitamin plays a much more important role in human health than was previously thought. Vitamin D-3 is like no other vitamin. It's the only one that your body can make! It's made by sun exposure to your skin (that's why it's called the sunshine vitamin), or through certain foods you eat, or from supplements. Some of the foods that contain high amounts of Vitamin D are salmon, sardines, eggs, cod liver oil, milk, and certain cheeses.

New scientific research has uncovered a disturbing fact: Many Americans today are found to be deficient in this essential vitamin, and unknowingly put their health at great risk. Why are they deficient? Because those living in the northern climates may not be getting enough sun daily, (especially during winter months) or are not getting it from their diets.

Caution: Not all Vitamin D is the same. . .
Vitamin D-3 is the biologically active form
that's more efficiently utilized by the body
and is "doctor recommended"

Within the past year Vitamin D-3 has sizzled into the health spotlight. Until that point, Vitamin D-3 was believed to basically be a "helper" for greater absorption of calcium by the body…. But not anymore! Now compelling new findings have linked this vitamin to fighting disease, maintaining good over-all health, and to fighting aging on the mind and body.

Just look at what has been discovered about how Vitamin D-3 can benefit you:

  • Can help influence a positive mood, mental sharpness, and promote a bright outlook on life
  • Contributes to overall bone strength and to fighting joint stiffness and lower back issues
  • Helps fight the slow mental cognitive decline that can occur in older adults
  • Supports a strong immune system, offering protective powers to fight disease, infections and unfriendly cell invasions
  • Offers nutritional protection for the colon, and the prostate in men
  • Promotes a healthy heart and coronary system
  • Helps in building muscle strength and tone
  • Has been found to be vital for healthy teeth and gums
  • Plays a role in promoting healthy blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Can be a positive factor in healthy weight management (findings show that overweight individuals have lower levels of Vitamin D-3 that those with healthy levels of Vitamin D-3)

If you live in the northern climates, get very little sun exposure daily, or do not eat a diet with high levels of Vitamin D-3 per dose, or you are over 50, you could be deficient in this essential vitamin! Do you fall into any of these groups? Why risk your good health? Our Acai Blush formula gives you 5000 IU's of Vitamin D-3 (the doctor recommended type) to help guarantee that you don't come up short on this essential vitamin!

Other Natural Nutrients:

To complete this the ultimate health rejuvenating formula, Dr. Chappell has also included: Pomegranate, Goji berries, Blueberries, Noni, Mangosteen, Dark Cocoa, and Cinnamon. Combined, these nutrients contribute to antioxidant protection, vision health, glucose balance, and so much more!

Take control and STOP letting compromised health
rob you from the joy of living

Dr. Chappell's Acai Blush formula is a very effective, economical and convenient solution for people that choose to revitalize and safeguard their health. Acai Blush is "the real deal," a total nutritional health package in an easy to take capsule. It not only protects you from free radicals, but also helps to diminish those dreaded signs of aging that can compromise your body, your health, your life. Try Acai Blush and enjoy this Amazon-inspired Superfood. You deserve to look better, feel better! …Guaranteed!

Acai Blush Nutritional Information

Acai Blush
Amazon Superfood Discovery!

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Dr. James ChappellMeet Dr. James Chappell. . .

  • Board certified Chiropractic Physician
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Traditional Naturopath
  • Medical Herbalist

For over 37 years Dr. Chappell has been at the forefront of advanced natural healing. Using natural foods and nature's pharmacy, he continues to help people from around the world achieve optimum health and longevity. He is a best selling author, lecturer and veteran TV and radio personality. Acai Blush is the result of his extensive knowledge and exhaustive research concerning vitality, virility, and more vibrant health.

The Acai Blush Formula:

  • 100% certified organic or wild harvested
  • Pesticide free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Naturally air dried to preserve all the health enhancing nutrients
Dr. Chappell's 100% Risk Free Guarantee
Acai Blush has been formulated to increase energy, enhance the immune system, protect cells from toxins and resist aging.
We guarantee you will feel the difference!
Acai Blush Amazon Superfood Discovery!

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