Essential Oils

God's Phenomenal Plants!

God's Phenomenal Plants!When you study and work with plants, including their behavior and personality, there is no way that you can deny there is a God. It is the most phenomenal thing for me to watch how God has orchestrated His kingdom for us. I can also tell you that there is not a single ailment on this planet, I don't care what you call it or what name they have given it, that God did not give us the answer for right here on earth.

I can take you all around the world, and whatever exists, God created a plan for it. He created the plants for every condition. But what do we do? We turn to chemicals that poison and kill us, not to His life-giving substances.

God gave me back my legs and allowed me to walk pain-free again after 13 years. I walk easily today because of these oils, and I live because of them. I made a commitment to share this with the world and to do everything in my power to create the best. I don't have a little distillery in my backyard where I distill oils just for Mary, the boys, and me. When Mary wants an oil, she goes to the corporate office and gets it from the same place all of you get your oils. I produce for you what I give my children, and that's exactly what you get. The same care and commitment go into every single bottle.

Mankind's first medicine plants were given to us on the third day of creation. Why? Think about it. God had an incredible plan when He put all of this together, and we need to think about it a little bit and realize that it's all there, used in every ancient culture, in every religion, for help and healing. The oils are beautiful and I am passionate about what I do because of what the oils do. I've watched hundreds of people return vigor to their life because of these oils. Essential oils were reintroduced into modern society in the early 1900s, and there are 188 biblical references to them.

Eleven Ways Life Is Better with Oils!

Essential Oils---The Most Potent Plant Healing Substances Available! Here are 11 ways to feel better with essential oils:

  • Alleviate stress and anxiety, unless you work with Gary
  • Shield your body from harmful substances
  • Experience natural relaxation
  • Support your body's immune system
  • Relieve occasional sleeplessness
  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Support proper digestion
  • Support your bones and muscles
  • Experience superior dental and oral care
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Experience safe alternatives to household cleaners

Science is busy proving all the good things that oils do. You can go on the Internet to and search for the latest research on essential oils. [If you search for "essential oil" you will find over 14,000 peer-reviewed studies. However, if you search for "essential oils," you will miss all of the studies on a single oil.]

Essential oils are very powerful. You can rub them on topically, breathe them, and diffuse them into the air; therapeutic-grade essential oils can also be taken internally.

Purity and Power in Every Bottle of Young Living Essential Oil

Welcome to the world of essential oils.

What are essential oils? I get asked this question all the time. It's really simple: essential oils are the plant's "life blood" distilled from aromatic plants.

Your blood regulates your immune system. Though it is not an exact comparison, the essential oil gives a form of immunity to the plant. Aromatic plants will give off fragrances to ward off insects, pests, and other critters or animals that might attack the plant or try to destroy it. This liquid gold is obtained from the leaves, flowers, roots, and stems of plants and the bark, needles, leaves, or resin of trees.

Quality, true quality, starts at the source. Young Living has developed genuine organic practices at all farms from Seed to Seal: St. Maries, Idaho; Simiane-la-Rotonde, France; Naples, Idaho; Mona, Utah; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Iquitos, Peru; Taitung, Taiwan; Almog, Israel; and Salalah, Oman, in addition to many partner farms. Young Living is the largest private grower of plants used for the production of essential oils in the world.

Each batch of oil is independently tested for purity, and only after the oils pass the criteria for therapeutic-grade are they bottled for distribution. That's one of the reasons why we have a laboratory at our distillation facilities; so as we're distilling, we can run an analysis, look at the compounds, and see if we're doing it right.

Twelve Questions to Ask Those Who Invite You to consider any other brand of Essential Oils
--by Dr. David Stewart, author of "The Chemistry of Essential Oils" and "Healing Oils of the Bible"

We are finding ourselves more frequently approached by competing essential oil companies to purchase and / or promote their brand. They always claim to have "pure therapeutic grade" oils "as good or better than those of Young Living." Maybe they do and maybe they don't. Here are some questions to ask when approached by another essential oil company.

  1. Does their company own any farms on which to raise herbs for oils? And if they do, are they new farms on land formerly polluted with herbicides, pesticides, and chemicals that contain residuals from the past, or are they farming land that is clean, which has never been cultivated or has been untilled for at least the last 50 years?
  2. Does their company have their own fully equipped testing laboratory to verify an oil's composition?
  3. Do they have anyone on staff with a trained nose who can analyze oils by their smell? (There are less than 200 people in the world with noses sufficiently trained to discern the chemistry of a fragrance.)
  4. If their company purchases oils from outside suppliers, do they visit the distilleries and farms of those suppliers periodically to observe if the herbs are grown organically, i.e. without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers?
  5. Do they know if the grower has a testing laboratory on the farm to determine when the crop is at its peak for oil harvesting?
  6. Do they know if the crops were actually harvested at their peak time and, if so, was there an inordinate delay in taking them to the still and into the cookers?
  7. Do they know if their distillery personnel understand the art and science of distilling, exactly how to pack the cookers, how to administer the steam, how to maintain minimum temperatures and pressures throughout the cooker, and how to continuously monitor the process throughout distillation to make sure the oil produced contains all of its components in the proper proportions?
  8. If their supplier makes a mistake in the distillation or harvesting processes that results in an inferior grade of oil, does that supplier sell the oil anyway or do they discard it?
  9. Do they know if the cookers in the distilleries of their suppliers have domed lids or cone shaped lids? Most stills use dome-shaped lids. Cone topped cookers deliver a better grade of oil than dome tops.
  10. Do they know if their suppliers supplement the distillation process with solvents to extract additional oil from the plant matter?
  11. Do they know if their suppliers bottle their oils directly from the distillery without modifying the composition of the natural oil by adding anything or taking anything away?
  12. Do they know if their company has tested their company's oils side by side with Young Living oils in the same lab to make a fair comparison? And if so, where is the data?

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