Flexacine Breakthrough Joint Relief Formula!


  • Helps promote greater mobility and flexibility
  • Works to ease minor muscle pain during exercise
  • Nourishes and helps rebuild joint cushioning fluids
  • A broad spectrum formula of 8 joint lubricators and soothers
You have 230 joints in your body and when just one of them aches or is stiff… your whole body really knows it!

Healthy JointsLubricate, build, and nourish your joints with Flexacine

Millions of folks continue to suffer with stiff joints. Dr. Chappell (the creator of Flexacine) knows it first hand. He has been seeing them in his practice for over 35 years! Frustrated that there was not a natural way that really worked(without prescription) to bring soothing long term relief for his patients, he set out on a mission. His goal, to create the next generation of natural joint comfort using the latest research on joint therapy and nourishment. After years of extensive testing and selecting the precise nutrients and herbs, in exacting calibrated measurements, Dr. Chappell did it…

Joint Problems• Stiff knees or hands
• Difficulty bending down
• An inflexible body upon waking up
• Minor muscle pain during exercise
• Lack of mobility
• Limited range of motion in arms and legs
• Tender back

It just may be that your joints are "signaling" to you that they have been nutritionally deficient TOO LONG and are in need of nourishment and lubrication! Flexacine is the proven way for you to nourish your joints and help yourself to new-found flexibility and comfort… Guaranteed!


Today, Dr. Chappell's breakthrough formula is honestly bringing blessed relief to thousands. People with under nourished joints, or poor flexibility have experienced first-hand how Flexacine has made a real difference in their lives! People swear by Flexacine and they have found the relief, comfort and increased FLEXIBILITY they thought was long gone, all without a prescription or side effects! Here's why you need to give your stiff joints a new lease on life:

Maca (pure extract)

This nutritious plant comes from 14,000 feet up in the Andes mountains of Peru. For centuries it has been used to boost stamina, energy, and libido. New evidence now shows it also plays a role in helping to promote hormone balance in the body, while fighting the harmful prostaglandin's that can trigger joint discomfort. Maca also continues to be used by herbalists as nourishment for stiff inflexible joints.

Cats Claw (pure extract)

This plant from the upper amazon regions of South America has been used as a joint soother for centuries. It has further been revealed that this herb can help protect the body from hormone like substances that build up in joints and attack them causing tenderness. It does this with the natural plant sterols and plant chemicals, which are a part of this plant's joint soothing makeup.

Glucosamine & Chondrotin Sulfates

These two renowned joint supporting nutrients offer structural support for your cartilage and bones. Both of these nutrients have proven to help nourish, lubricate, and cushion bone, ligaments, cartilage, and joints. It has been proven that these two vital joint soothers can help replenish the precious synovial fluid that keeps joints from rubbing against each other for maximum joint health. They also work as a team to revitalize the cellular area within your joints.


Flexacine keeps you Flexable10% of your body's mineral content is sulfur. It's in every cell in your body, and is found in abundance in cartilage and in your skin. MSM is a natural sulfur compound that plays an important role in contributing to the building of your cartilage and connective tissues. As the body ages, MSM levels can drop, possibly leaving your joints under nourished on this vital mineral. It's vital that it be replenished so it can help form the collagen (the flexible "glue like" substance) which is the main part of your joint cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.


This potent antioxidant helps to repair cells. It was discovered in 1952 and was used in Italy successfully as a mood elevator. Since the evidence revealed that it also has the ability to soothe sensitive cartilage and further protect it from damage from armful hormone like substances which can attack cartilage causing discomfort.

Vitamin B-12

This B vitamin is essential for your nervous system and fighting homocysteine within your body. It plays a vital part in the production of SAMe within the body, which protects your joints and cartilage. It is also believed to help in the fight against weak porous bones. It is a vitamin that is important for helping to maintain proper bone density.

Folic Acid

This B vitamin is absolutely vital to your health. It is needed for cell growth and regeneration of your cartilage, bone, and tissue cells. It is best utilized within the body when combined with Vitamin B-12.

Flexacine… the perfect union of nature and science for advanced protection, nourishment, and rejuvenation of your joints

Your joints are natural marvels in allowing you to be mobile, independent, and experience life to the fullest! Dr. Chappell's breakthrough joint formula takes a quantum leap beyond any other formula on the market today in providing supreme nourishment, protection, and nutritional repair for your joints. Flexacine… think of it as natural joint "insurance" to help maintain your healthy joints now and in the future.

Dr. James ChappellMeet Dr. James Chappell. . .

• A board certified Chiropractic Physician
• A Clinical Nutritionist
• A Traditional Naturopath
• A Medical Herbalist

For over 35 years Dr. Chappell has been at the forefront of advanced natural healing. Using natural foods and nature's pharmacy, he continues to help people from around the world achieve optimum health and longevity. He's a best selling author, lecturer and veteran TV and radio personality. Flexacine is a result of his extensive knowledge and exhaustive research concerning reducing inflammation and increasing joint flexibility.

"Flexacine… nourishes and lubricates your joints for more comfort."

Dr. Chappell's 100% Risk Free Guarantee
Flexacine has been formulated to provide Healthy Joint Function and Mobility as an Anti-Inflammanant, Immune Modulator and Hormonal Regulator. We guarantee you will feel the difference!

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