Resveracine Ultimate Antioxidant Powerhouse

Most Potent Antioxidant Combination Ever Formulated!


  • Helps support flexible arteries
  • Promotes free flowing blood
  • Ten of the most potent antioxidant protectors combined!

24 hours a day there's a raging battle going on in your body. Highly destructive molecules called free radicals are snuffing out the life of thousands of your cells, opening the floodgate for illness, and prematurely aging your total body. These destroyers come from the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, the food you eat, plus many more sources!

"So how do I fight back and protect my body?"
With Resveracine...Fight Back With Resveracine

Resveracine is unlike any other antioxidant formula you will ever find. Here are the three reasons that make it totally different:

  1. It has been painstakingly formulated by one of this country's most renowned authorities in advanced nutrition for human longevity... Dr. Chappell.
  2. Resveracine combines not a few antioxidants, but ten of the most high-powered body defenders you can buy without a prescription.
  3. Resveracine is a precisely calibrated blend designed to detoxify and neutralize the free radicals that roam your body. It has achieved the highest scientific rating for its antioxidant power, and ability to neutralize these cell destroyers.

Are You Worried About?

  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Joint Mobility
  • Inflexible Veins
  • Premature Body Aging
  • Homocysteine
  • Hypertension
  • Cell destruction
  • Vision problems
  • Clogged arteries

Then maybe it's the right time to turn to Resveracine for potent protection against your worst health worries!


Your body is estimated to contain 100 trillion cells! How fast your cells are prematurely aged by free radicals, has a big influence on your health! Free radical destruction is like rust on metal, slowly deteriorating the metal until there is nothing left. Free radicals work in the same way, slowly destroying the cells in your vital organs, and all the other cells in your body. With Resveracine you get the ultimate in nutritional body armor to guard against the slow silent destruction of every one of your 100 trillion cells. Here's why you should make it a part of your daily health program:


This berry harvested from deep in the rainforests of Brazil has been used by herbalists for over 500 years. It is considered by many as nature's most perfect food. Acai is wealth of nutritional goodness containing vitamins, minerals, plus Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids for cholesterol health.What has the scientific community so excited about it is the discovery of the huge antioxidant firepower levels that this mighty berry offers. It offers 77% more free radial neutralizing ability than any of the other known natural antioxidant! Acai is also being studied to see how it may help enhance mental clarity, the immune system, while also energizing the body. Acai is the ultimate protector from nature!


In 1991 the CBS 60 Minutes TV newsmagazine broke the story "The French Paradox." It reported that the French consumed more fatty foods than Americans yet were living up to 45% longer. The discovery that was thought to make the BIG difference... the substance found in red wine they consumed, called Resveratrol! Today research has also found that a special ingredient in Resveratrol called polyphenols has H-U-G-E antioxidant properties. This ingredient not only seeks out and destroys free radicals, it also helps your total cardiovascular system, including your blood flow smoothly. Resveratrol, the natural free radical destroyer without the alcohol!


This natural antioxidant is another phyto nutrient found in red wine, grapefruit, apples, and more. It is believed to play a role in promoting optimum cardiovascular health. It is also one of natures top free radical fighters, seeking out these body cell destroyers like a bloodhound.

Pycnogeceine® (French Pine Bark)

This potent antioxidant contains special plant chemicals called OPCs. This group of compounds seeks out the free radicals that roam your body and neutralize them. They also have been shown to have promise for promoting vein flexibility and helping your entire cardiovascular system.

Curcumin (Turmeric)

This herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to fight indigestion. Cell ProtectionIn the 1970's researchers discovered that Curcumin contained special antioxidants that had the ability to attach to, and mop up free radicals that destroy cells, and leave the body open for illness. It also has shown promise for cholesterol concerns, joint mobility, and digestive health.


Lutein is a natural plant substance that is part of the carotenoid family. It is found in green vegetables, and is a powerful antioxidant that safeguards your body's cells from the damage caused by dangerous free radicals that roam your body. It's also highly beneficial for your eyes and macular region.


This carotenoid is found in tomatoes and grapefruits, etc. It's a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent your cells from oxidative damage due from free radicals. It also has the unique ability to protect your skin from aging due to UV light exposure.


This nutrient is essential to help support a healthy life. It is found in nearly every cell in the body. Its function as a cell protector antioxidant is to guard cells and latch on to free radicals before they can enter the cell. This mighty mineral also adds immune system protection, and guards against unfriendly bacteria and cell growth.


This super potent antioxidant is found in large amounts in the macular region of your eyes. Unfortunately the amount of this carotenoid declines with age. Zeaxanthin protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and helps nourish the macula center of the eye.


This antioxidant enzyme unfortunately declines with age. This enzyme is unique in the fact that it can convert hydrogen peroxide (a body waste product) into water and oxygen before it turns into a harmful oxidizing agent that can destroy cells and age your body.

Resveracine can help stop the free radical destruction of your cells

Today thousands of your cells lives will be ended due to roaming free radicals! It's time to fight back nutritionally with Resveracine. It gives you not one or two-antioxidant protectors… it gives you TEN! Resveracine, it truly is mother natures cell guardian formula your body really needs.

Dr. James ChappellMeet Dr. James Chappell. . .

• A board certified Chiropractic Physician
• A Clinical Nutritionist
• A Traditional Naturopath
• A Medical Herbalist

For over 35 years Dr. Chappell has been at the forefront of advanced natural healing. Using natural foods and nature's pharmacy, he continues to help people from around the world achieve optimum health and longevity. He's a best selling author, lecturer and veteran TV and radio personality. Resveracine is a result of his extensive knowledge and exhaustive research concerning reversing the aging process.

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Resveracine has been formulated to provide Anti-oxidants, Phytochemicals, Anthocyanins, Phytosterols, and Healthy Body, Heart and Cholesterol factors. We guarantee you will feel the difference!

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